Sad Little Robot

by Apathetic Euphemism

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released July 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Apathetic Euphemism Topsham, Maine

2 Man band from Topsham/Bowdoin Maine
Currently composed of Griffin Thurston and Desmond Babbidge.

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Track Name: Irony
Im so so sad
I cry myself to sleep
Im so so sad
I can barely breath

Im so so sad
I woke up in my front yard naked
because im so sad
so fucking sad

im so so sad
my girlfriends hate me
im so so sad
im a mess

im sad
im sad
im sad
im fucking sad
Track Name: Home
I saw her on the road again
she was all alone
take me home
take me home
im lost with out my soul again
out on my own again
take me home
oh god dont you leave me here
oh god dont you leave me here
take me home
take me home
take me home
take me home
Track Name: Oldself
"you said you were losing hope
i asked if you were okay
you said that you were fine
and i didnt have to stay

i said ill be back, just hold on tight,
you said that you would try with all of your might
but you must of forgotten, because when i got back you weren't there
just an empty bottle and a dead cold stare

i fall to my knees drowning in tears
theres a creek in the floor
theres a crack in my heart
and you almost made me forget but then you took yourself away

my voice is so hoarse because i didnt talk
my heart is so heavy because i hate my guts
my eyes cant stay shut because i swear i see you
i dont know to do because i no longer know you

i visited you every day
your eyes didn't even peak a little look at me
while mine couldnt stay away
from your cold pale face

even though your body looked lifeless
your eyes still screamed hope
with a dying light
thatnever reminded me of my oldself”
Track Name: Yet
"and just like that the movement of two people's hearts, almost intertwined, just stopped and became nothing in an instant.
the word never soon meant the preset, as never has come, and you have gone, and i am alone once again, stuck with my mind.
i'll soon forget how to breathe as i forgot how to love and trust, you took away the part of me that brought me life, you took yourself away from me

i thought i didnt need you to survive but i was wrong, oh was i ever so wrong to think that
that i didnt need you, and you didnt need me because we needed eachother more than either of us realized but it's a little too late now
a little too late to fix the damage that was done for i cannot trust but i can still love, you've broken me and i've sadly not broken you, yet."